5 reasons why being an only child actually sucks

Hello everyone. I’m on a roll these days, aren’t I? I’m sure you’re all loving me for being such an active blogger. Me? I’m hating myself cause I should be studying but everything is more interesting than my notebook.

Anywaays, I’m here today to present you my view of the world as an only child. Many people – actually, 99% of people I know have either a brother or a sister or both – think that being an only child is a complete lush. Reality is, it’s not. And here’s why.

  1. Loneliness.

As a child, you hear your sibling equipped friends talking about how much fun they have in the afternoon, after school, when they get to spend so much time with their brother or sister at home when YOU have to spend all afternoon either locked in your room with a bunch of soulless Barbies or with your parents watching TV. So you feel extremely jealous because you miss having a partner in crime, you even get mad at your parents, you find yourself begging them to “make you a little sister” because you really cannot stand that you can’t talk about family that isn’t mom or dad; furthermore, it gets harder and harder to make up different stories about Barbie and Ken everyday.

2. Lack of pals

Growing up, you even realise how useful having a sibling is; talking about girls, your friends always have someone to go shopping with, someone who to tell your secrets to – in the hope they will never tell mom and dad, though. They know who to go out with if no one else’s around, they always have someone to go travelling with because OF COURSE their parents will trust them being with their sibling/s. While you, you poor only little child, are stuck at home every time that no one else is going out, you go out shopping with your mom (who makes you try every single piece of clothing in the store), you CANNOT travel on your own so you have to sell your soul to the Devil to find someone to go with – since, guess how lucky I am, your parents are afraid of flying – and you eventually stop trying.

3. “You’re spoiled!”

This is the most common “insult” you get when people find out you’re an only child. The common belief is that if you don’t have someone to share things with, you’re automatically the one who gets all the treats. Well, no freaking way. That’s not how it worked for me. And you wanna know why? Not because my parents hate me and don’t want to buy me things (in fact, I always got marvellous Christmas presents and birthday gifts) but because they K N O W how easily lonely childs get spoiled and they didn’t want to make me believe that I could get everything I want just because I was alone. So it was like a double curse: discrimination from strangers AND from my own parents. Awful.

4. No secrets allowed.

I read once that only childs are the best liars and well, I think it’s actually true. I realise how good I am at lying when I confront people with siblings. The reason? They don’t really need to lie to keep something from their parents.

I do.

The thing is, when you know that four adult eyes are all set on you – when you’re home, when you’re out, when you’re with your friends, when you’re alone, ALWAYS – you need to learn some tricks to have some privacy. And after many fails – many, many, many fails – you eventually understand how to do whatever you want without letting them know. It might sounds bad to you, but if you’re an only child, it probably won’t. When there’s more than one child in a family, the attention has to be split in two, three or four parts so it’s almost obvious that keeping something away from your parents becomes easier. If you have all the attention focussed on you, 24 hours a day, well… You have to find your ways.

5. Best friends

Last reason why being an only child actually sucks is your view of what a best friend is. As an only child, I’ve always seen my best friends as brothers and sisters: I would want to hang out with them all the time, I was always up for a pajama party together, for a pic-nic together, everything together, can my parents adopt you? Problem is, my best friends, ALL OF THEM, already have a best friend: their sibling. No matter how much you care about a friend, you can’t just swap them with a brother or sister; and that’s why my view of being best friends and my best friends’ views have always been different. They don’t really need someone to keep them company, they might never feel alone or get extremely bored – there will always be a casual fight happening to wake them up and change their day. While you, you’re always there hoping somebody will call you and say “I’m coming over.”

Nah fam, it never happens.

You learn to be the seeker, you learn that nobody’s gonna look out for you but your own self, you learn how to find what you need in your abilities, you just learn to be in love with yourself because at the end of the day, you’re gonna be the one you’ll spend your whole life with, right?

And that’s pretty much the end of it. I tried to sum everything up in five points, but I’m sure there are many more things you have to learn and face as an only child, they’re just not necessarily as common. Now, I’m not saying that my life was a complete nightmare just because I didn’t have a little sister, that’s just a way to show you how I had to deal with life so far. I’m sure many people with siblings wouldn’t agree with most things I wrote.

Well, feel free to tell me about your side of the story if you have siblings or to let me know what other struggles you face/you had to face if you’re an only child.




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